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Aug 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
field and anyone who wants to wash them there. >> commissioner borden? >> i find this case very frustrating on a number of levels. both on the part of the small businesses and pet food express, i'll first address the pet food express and the stewardship of the site and the issues around that site which is very frustrating and i think that wasn't well taken care of. i want to express somewhat frustration with the community groups because i don't see the marina merchants active on the formula retail stuff, you don't come out, nobody cared about g rof star or all of the other stores along chest nut street but all of a sudden there's some interest in pet stores and it would have been better if it was more external look, other neighborhoods did a better job, i think that's really important because the dialog is a bigger picture dialog, i would love it to create a business not to have any competition about it, it is about a bigger picture issue, to have legitimacy, you must be active on the issue whole elastically, -- whole list i scantly, i know the site well, i used to live close to
Aug 29, 2013 3:30am PDT
the way that we do business. >> commissioner borden? >> yes, and i do want to thank the project sponsor so take the time to meet with the community and to actually explain the project a little better, we would have benefited to have the photos in the packet and then the public would have seen more and i appreciate that there is a differentiation between the two storefronts because it is a problematic situation when it is kind of uniform and i do appreciate i have actually shop at this store and it is kind of a nightmare and so i am kind of happy to see that you are going to make it a more pleasant shopping experience and i am going to ask the staff about these conditions and i know that for enforcebility, some of these conditions are not able to be add ad to our motion, and so, if there are any that are actually able to be maybe to the city attorney or the staff could weigh in on what if any of these can be included on our list. >> sure. >> and i think, kate just stepped in and we did conduct the city attorney and there are a number of these that are questionable in terms of the
Aug 16, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. >> commissioner borden. >> i want to follow up on some of those items and i want to ask staff about the planning codes department related to the parking. i'm not familiar with what those say >> i think. >> i think what you're referring to before the eastern neighborhood plan was adopted and we had the codes provisions in hand you were asking the provisions to come as closed to those proposed at that point. we don't know what they're proposing yet so it's hard to know what we'd ask for at this point. but in the past when we knew with the plan was but at this point we don't know >> they're seeking lead code status so they have some sustainability codes. >> i think that answers though i guess i like the ideas of expand the retail space on the stanford side. i do have concerns whether it alley being closer to the entrance you know, i think in the long-term i would love it and maybe that space would be the 4 hundred to 5 hundred square footage space. another thing about the retail space tenants could see that open on weekends. so tenants could be open 6 days a week. i understand that the
Aug 8, 2013 12:00pm PDT
continue one, two, three. antonini, aye. >> borden >> aye. >> hillis? >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> and places you under the consent calendar, all items considered to be routine by the planning commission and will be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission and no separate discussion of these it e78s unless the member of the commission or the public requests and the matter will be removed from considered as a separate item in this or a future hearing. and item 4, case number 2012.1400 c. >> move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion to approve all items listed under your consent calendar. >> antonini. >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> fong. >> aye. that motion passes, 7-0. >> adoptions on the draft minutes. >> is there any comment on the draft minutes? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner borden? >> approve the minutes. >> second. >> on that motion, to adopt draft minutes, for july 25th, 2013, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> borden. >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu.
Aug 8, 2013 4:30pm PDT
operation and the community liaison from the list of negotiated conditions be added commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> and president fong. >> aye >> so moved that motion passes unanimously, 6-0. >> commissioners in places you on item 16 for case number 2013. 2013.0434d (s. young: (415) 558-6346) 1855-1857 greenwich street - south side of greenwich street between laguna and octavia streets; lot 038 in assessor's block 0519 - mandatory discretionary review >> after closing the public comment we continued it to august 8th by a vote of 4 to 1 with commissioner antonini voting against and commissioners borden and hillis absent. so again, 480, if you will or if you have viewed the video, could you please acknowledge that so that you can participate in this hearing and the vote. >> yes. >> in that case, we can have the staff presentation? >> commissioner, david lee, the department staff. and we did not prepare an additional presentation, so since the last hearing, we would be happy to present an abbreviated versio
Aug 14, 2013 3:30am PDT
. >> borden. >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye >> moore >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye >> fong. >> aye. >> so moved that motion passes 7-0. >> the commissioner will take a 25-minute break. >> august 8, 2013, and i would like to remind the members of the audience to silence the cell phones that may go off and do speak directly into the microphone and if you care to state your name for the regard. >> we left on item 15, for case number 2013.0530c (s. lai: (41) 575-9087) 1301 van ness avenue >> the project before you is the conditional use to expand the use, in excess of the limit of 6,000 square feet and the project is located in the historic building with the frontage on van ness and the proposed expansion will occupy the adjacent space and revert the building back into a single space as originally constructed and they find this desirable and is recommending approval with conditions. they began the operation in the current 10,000 square foot place in 2006 while the property was part of the western edition and the proposed project will be a 20,000 square foot liquor store with a permitte
Aug 11, 2013 4:00am PDT
proposed. >> antonini. >> aye. >> borden. >> no. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> no. >> sugaya. >> no. >> commissioner. wu. >> no. >> president fong? >> aye. >> that motion fails commissioners, 3-4, with commissioners borden, moore, sugaya and wu, voting against. >> is there an alternate motion? >> it is preferable to make another motion. >> commissioners if you don't make another motion,... >> it is approved. >> the project will be approved. >> i move to take dr and disapprove the project. >> second. >> on that motion, commissioners, to take the dr and disapprove the project. >> antonini. >> no. >> borden. >> aye. >> hillis. >> no. >> moore >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> fong. >> no. >> so moved, commissioners that motion passes four to three with commissioners antonini, hillis and fong voting against. >> commissioners that will place you on the 4 p.m. calendar, items 17. for case number 2013.0128 c. 2460 lombard street. request for conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon, president fong and members of the commission, the department staff. and the item before y
Aug 4, 2013 10:30pm PDT
support of the neighborhood groups and so, i'm supportive of it. >> commissioner borden? >> i know this is going to pass but i cannot support this applicant. >> commissioner moore? >> i would like you to confirm with the zone administrator, which areas we are talking about at 9:00, it is a little bit ambiguous. this is a motion and a second to approve with conditions and adding a condition that the outdoor seating area hours of operation be restricted to 9:00 p.m. on that motion, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> no. >> hillis? >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> fong. >> aye. >> six to one, with commissioner borden voting against. >> commissioners it will place you on item 17 for case number 2013.0659 c. 531 castro street - on the east side of castro street between 18th and 19th streets; lot 093 in assessor's block 3583 request for conditional use authorization pursuant to planning code sections 179, 186.1 and 303, to allow the patio restaurant and café, a nonconforming use, for the expansion into three vacant retail spaces withi
Aug 15, 2013 4:30pm PDT
i would, you know, follow-up with commissioner borden's comments and agree with them >> commissioner moore. >> sure go ahead. >> dave johnson i think that jim put forward some ideas. every building has a place where the mechanical systems come together and have to vent. the explosion of getting that building closer to stan ignored is something we need to do. and there's some other things we need to incorporate as well. that corner of the building is where a lot of venting and garage exhaust have to come out. so we're going to have to work on that >> commissioner. >> i appreciate the flexibility of the architect and the owner to accommodate and listen to some of the comments made by all commissioners retail on all sides of the baby boomer lobby and it creates a more skilled project. particular when it's on either side of the public open space. i'm generally very comfortable with the building including some of the compromises that's been created. the idea that the department considers the parking. the thing i'd like to ask and perhaps mr. rubin can answer. i'd be very i
Aug 19, 2013 2:00pm PDT
, additional height. >> commissioner borden, one project that comes to mind with a similar case would be the 41 that he'll a street project. that being a residential project is not necessarily subject to the same extensive types of fees, but it is subject to some fees ~ and they have submitted an application for an increased height over what they were entitled for. that's the only one that comes to mind immediately. there may be others out there, but that's the next example i could point to. >> okay, great, great. i know you addressed the notice issue. i want to be respectful. the standardized procedure that we do for all projects basically for this one as well? >> that is correct. it's the same notification for procedures that we follow for all projects. on the specific subject of the mailed notice, typically project sponsors will go to a company to collect the records and perform sort of the [speaker not understood] mailing addresses of everybody within the 300 foot radius. but those companies pull from assessor records. so, whatever the assessor record is on file for particular property o
Aug 11, 2013 2:30am PDT
ration. >> antonini. >> aye. >> borden >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> no. >> wu. >> aye. >> fong. >> so moved. that motion passes 6 to 1, can commissioner sugaya voting against. >> there is the matter of the project authorization. >> right. >> commissioner borden. i am going to make a motion to approve and add and have commissioner sugaya add in the three conditions to be part of that. >> all right. let me remember what they were. i did not include this one but i would like to include one that says that the project sfons soar will erect the temporary protective barriers against the club wall that faces their property. and i would like to include the creation of a training program for construction workers, and local 22, as well is going to be working on it. and to make the construction workers be made aware of the importance of the verde club which is the adjacent building. and that, they be ininstructed to be careful when they are working adjacent to that building, especially if you are using excavation and backhoes or whatever you are going to be doing fo
Aug 29, 2013 12:00am PDT
. commissioner borden? >> approve the minutes. >> second. >> on that motion, to adopt draft minutes, for july 25th, 2013, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> borden. >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> fong? >> aye. >> that motion passes, commissioners. and places you under item eight. >> commissioner moore? >> i would like to make a comment regarding roof top mounted equipment and that is not in relation with anything that we approved on consent, but i have generally experienced my concern that i would like the department to start developing and under basically by experience of the criteria, which deal with the visual impacts as they all to collectively as a roof scape or how we look at roofs and buildings, and when there are additions of massive roof screen structures that alters the expression of a building and i would like to just kind of start it as a discussion and see the department engaged in considerations which they believe will help to guide this commission to make equitable decisions of approval or denial. >> commissioner antonini?
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 153 (some duplicates have been removed)